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What is Career Counselling?
The Career Development Association of Australia says: "Career counsellors assist people who are dealing with challenges in their work life, whether that be making a career decision, finding a job, balancing work and family needs, dealing with frustrations in the workplace and so on. Career counselling used to focus mainly on helping people choose a career, but nowadays it has a broader focus and helps people deal with the many challenges which can arise throughout working life."

How much does it cost?
Career Discovery is committed to providing affordable solutions. The actual costs will depend on your individual circumstances. At our initial meeting I will put together a package to suit your needs and your budget. There is an hourly charge for one-on-one sessions, while services such as vocational assessments, resumes, covering letters and interview preparation are at additional cost.

How long does it take?
At our first meeting I will work with you to design a package that best fits your particular needs. Packages are usually structured around a number of weekly one-on-one sessions, which last from one to two hours. We can often deal with specific issues in just one or two sessions. A complete program typically takes around four to six sessions.

What are Vocational Assessments?
Sound intimidating, don't they? But don't worry, they're actually fun and easy and can help you discover more about yourself and your career. See the Vocational Assessments page for lots more info on these really useful tools.

What is expected of me?
Commitment of time and energy and taking an active part in the process. This means you will be required to:

  • Attend all planned counselling sessions.
  • Complete any activities or tasks required between sessions.
  • Bring all relevant material with you to your session.

For more information on how Career Discovery can help you on your journey, contact Julie Rogan on +617 3254 3139 or 0404 616 992. Or email Julie at


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