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I had been floundering in the career doldrums for 15 years and history kept repeating as I lurched from one unsatisfying job to another. Making no headway, I decided to take action and visit Julie at Career Discovery. Her advice, experience and profiling tools have enabled me to apply a process to my search for a satisfying job. The results have been extremely rewarding. I am now at the stage where I feel very confident about where I want to be and I have a plan on how to get there. This would not have been possible without Julie’s assistance and genuine concern. I recommend Career Discovery to anyone looking for a leading light in their search for a career overhaul.



People and career positions change with time. I approached Career Discovery in an attempt to fine tune my career after some years of work in a specialised industry. Career Discovery provided me with some personal and career insights that have opened my eyes to some realistic and exciting opportunities via vocational testing and self-directed research.

Julie's encouraging and positive approach to facilitating this process, has lead to the discovery of an abundance of information and educational opportunities that I wasn't previously aware of. This experience has been worthwhile and helpful in my own reflection and decision making.



When I first met Julie Rogan I lacked focus and felt a complete lack of direction in my career. I am well educated and have had many successful jobs but have always felt as though something was missing, that I wasn’t really happy. My conversations with Julie and the assessment techniques that I underwent have proven invaluable. By examining aspects of my personality and my interests, Julie has enabled me to finally understand why I wasn’t fulfilled in my career.

Julie is a rare breed of careers counsellor who understands that the process of making difficult choices requires courage and determination. Her open and positive manner provides you with the encouragement and support needed when making life changing decisions.

With her support and encouragement, I now have a much clearer view of what is important to me and I am focussed on obtaining the career of my dreams. No matter what age we are or where we work, it is vitally important for every one of us to enjoy our jobs as they play such a large role in our lives. I look back on my career searching experience with Julie as an investment into my own future and would highly recommend anyone who is unhappy or unsure of their own career path to do the same.



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